‘Deadpool 2’ (2018, 15)

Is ‘Deadpool 2’ a dead-funny superhero-comedy, or is it a sub-par sequel?

After the events of 2016’s ‘Deadpool’, the titular anti-hero Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) has gone on a global mission to serve justice in his hilarious way. But, when disaster strikes, Wade’s life is turned on it’s head, and he realises he needs to protect a mutant teenager, Russell (Julian Dennison) from the ruthless time-travelling cyborg, Cable (Josh Brolin).

‘Deadpool 2’ is just like it’s predecessor, being full of it’s uncensored, uncaring comedy from beginning to end. However, I felt with the first ‘Deadpool’ that they hadn’t quite got the balance right for me of comedy to action, whereas this sequel definitely improved on that as it lent more toward the action-side of Deadpool’s character. There still were some real laugh-out-loud moments though, but if the first ‘Deadpool’ wasn’t your cup-of-tea, then the sequel probably won’t suit you either. Most of the jokes, though, were probably more tailored for comic and movie fans rather than general audiences, so though I was chuckling at quite a few of the one-liners, I could sense that a few people in the audience hadn’t understood the punchline.

The CGI and effects in ‘Deadpool 2’ was excellent for the most part, but there was one sequence that stands out as being a little underwhelming and badly animated. Despite this, it is for the most part a spectacular watch, though maybe not on the same level as something like Marvel’s two-month old epic ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘. The cast and performances are also spot-on in ‘Deadpool 2’, especially Ryan Reynolds in the lead, clearly enjoying his time as the character he fought so hard to bring to the big-screen. The new players, also, were very strong, including Zazie Beets as the sassy mutant Domino, who was my favourite of the new characters brought in.

The plot of Deadpool 2 was nothing groundbreaking, but nor should it be — ‘Deadpool 2’ wants to make you laugh, not make you think. That said, the film does feel a little aimless at the beginning as it cuts around through time, similar to the beginning of the first ‘Deadpool’. That’s a bit of a trend across most subjects with ‘Deadpool 2’: it’s similar to its predecessor, but with added characters. However, that’s all I and I think most people want out of this sequel, a fun, outlandish action-comedy.

Overall, ‘Deadpool 2’ is a strong, funny superhero romp, with uncensored laughs and good action throughout. It’s an improvement of its 2016 predecessor, and for that it deserves an eight-out-of-ten.


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