‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ (2017, 12A)

Does ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ deserve to be swinging at the top of the trees, or is it another rubbish reboot?

After landing in detention, four teenagers discover an old computer-game that immerses them in a way no other game can: they are literally drawn into the experience, and embody the characters they choose when they first start. What follows is an action-packed adventure to get the stolen gem protecting the jungle of Jumanji back to the giant Jaguar statue that watches over the trees, and lift a curse that has haunted the area, full of laughs along the way.

I wasn’t sure how great ‘Jumanji’ was going to be going in, whether it would be a rip-roaring laugh the whole way or another mediocre film with okay visuals, cringe-worthy jokes that makes an okay amount at the box office. I was pleasantly surprised — it was actually quite good!

The visuals are, especially, spectacular, and the CGI of the jungle and animals is very convincing. I felt the acting was especially good, of all the main cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan.Their portrayal of the characters within the avatars was very convincing and enjoyable to watch.

The plot of the film was riddled with clichés, but I felt this was more on purpose than any other reasons, reflecting the plots of video-games and other films based on video-games. The villain, then, was weak to say the least, but again, that wasn’t a point — it’s a comedy! And it definitely was funny; there were some real laugh-out-loud moments scattered throughout the film that got everyone in the audience giggling.

Overall, then, ‘Jumanji’ is a strong comedy with a great cast and performances, as well as some epic visuals. It’s plot is basic but entertaining, and so the film deserves a seven-out-of-ten.



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