‘The Mummy’ (2017, 15)

Is this reboot a marvelous “Mummy” remake or is it better left in its tomb?

Two soldiers (Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson) with a side business selling ancient artefacts on the black market, discover a mysterious tomb buried in Iraq. But, when they discover what lay inside, they awaken something they’ve never encountered before — the Mummy.

To me, the original ‘Mummy’ film was always been a bit of a joke — it’s been repeated so many times on TV and I’ve never seen it as that great of a film. I must admit now that its modern-day counterpart is no better.

I’ll start with the positives (though there are few): at the beginning, there is a really well choreographed scene that takes place in an aeroplane, which you see parts of in the trailers. I thought this was really well done and would’ve only preferred it if it did not continue cutting back to wide shots of the falling aircraft and maintained a longer take solely on the people tossing and turning within. Of course, all the stunts are executed well, however outlandish they were.

I can’t say the same for the computer-generated visual effects, however, as some of them weren’t the best and felt really unnatural. On the whole they were good, but there were some bits that were just a bit off, and there was clearly a lot of green-screen.

Something else there was a lot of was ending — and not in a good way. The final scenes were drawn out way too far and so by the time the emotional climax came by, I was bored and wasn’t really paying attention.

I was also quite bored by the main villain of the film, the Mummy, as you didn’t really get a sense of the threat from her. Sure, she killed people and did the occasional biblical attack, but it was all very forgettable and she didn’t leave a lasting impression as a character, the same being said for all the cast, really.


To really delve into how bad this film was, I’m going to have to spoil parts, namely that Jekyll and Hyde scene.

“Jekyll and Hyde?!” you ask, “but this is ‘The Mummy’ ?” These were my thoughts exactly when Russell Crowe introduced himself as Henry Jekyll, and I knew straight away that this was going to parallel that laptop scene in ‘Batman Vs. Superman‘ — a shameless plug showing characters unrelated to the plot of this film but who’ll be in future films in this new cinematic universe.

Yes, Warner Bros. has decided to make what they call a ‘Dark Universe’ of horror movies and reboots set in the modern-day. No doubt ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ will come next and this forced-in, out-of-place scene featuring him is a set-up for his own feature, or maybe we’ll get an Avengers-esque team-up between all these baddies from bad films?!

I’m jesting, of course, because it will be a miracle if there even is another film in this ‘Dark Universe’ (I still can’t get over how simplistic a name the Warner. Bros marketing people came up with for their new, cinematic universe) after ‘The Mummy”s box-office flop.


Overall, ‘The Mummy’ is quite a flawed film and a poor start to the ‘Dark Universe’. Though it has some good stunts and effects, a poor villain and overly long ending resulted in this reboot only earning a four-out-of-ten.



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