‘Power Rangers’ (2017, 12A)

Is this movie adaption of the cult TV classic a mega-zord of a film or just a bit morph-ful?

Set in the sleepy fishing town of Angel Grove, ‘Power Rangers’ follows five teenagers as they together discover an alien spaceship deep underground. Then, after surviving a catastrophic train crash, they realise that they have developed superpowers and return to the spaceship for answers. They meet Zordon (Bryan Cranston) who tells them of a legion of warriors who they have to become — the Power Rangers.

The first thing that struck me about this film is the cinematography. It encompasses the snap-zooms and slow-motion walking that has become a bit cliché in modern action movies, however also had some original and clever camera uses as well. There are quite a few long shots with the camera gently turning so we can see all around the scene and not just the main characters. These scenes, however, seem to all be backed up in the first act of this film and by the grand finale, it’s quick and confusing shots all in quick succession and no one has any idea what’s going on.

Another thing that struck me is the pacing of the film — and it’s slow. If you’re expecting to see the Rangers morphing in the first ten minutes then the rest of the film being an awe-inspiring spectacular action explosion fest — unfortunately not. The last ten minutes, perhaps, when the Rangers battle the weak and under-developed villain (more on her later) might satisfy your expectations, but really the rest of the 2-hour run-time is build-up and quite a bit of filler — unnecessary scenes that didn’t add anything to the plot but were just there to bulk out the film.

The villain, Rita (Elizabeth Banks), was a classic Power Rangers villain — underdeveloped with a questionable plan who only appears so that we can see the Power Rangers defeat her. The only problem is, they tried to make her a good villain, adding in scenes about her past and trying to make her more relatable

Overall, ‘Power Ranger’s isn’t too bad an action film. The action and special effects are good, but the plot and villain were both bad, meaning that this film only gets seven-out-of-ten.



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