‘Hidden Figures’ (2017, PG)

Is ‘Hidden Figures’a hidden gem of a film coming out this season, or something that deserves to stay obscured?

Katherine Goble (Taraji P. Henson) is a brilliantly gifted woman, however, she is held back in what she can achieve by her race. But, together with her friends Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe), she defies all prejudices to become a high-ranking member of NASA and a key player in getting the first American man into space.

This is the classic story of overcoming barriers put before you to achieve and be rewarded with the things you deserve in life. However, this fairly common moral found in a lot of films is made more poignant and leaves a greater impression as the story behind ‘Hidden Figures’ is true.

I enjoyed the use of original footage of the rocket launches and pod landings etc. included in the main film as I felt it added a sense of realism to the whole film and plot. I also enjoyed some of the choices of colour used in the film; in the NASA headquarters and offices, everything is white, silver and grey reflecting the joylessness and somewhat monotony of their work. However, all the scenes outside of the NASA campus seem to be brightly coloured, showing the characters’ fun souls and personality.

A small gripe I have with ‘Hidden Figures’ is the ending. It’s as climactic and suspenseful as is expected of a film of this sort, however I felt it pulled away from the main protagonists’ story quite a bit. The last fifteen minutes or so only include the main characters as out-of-focus background over the shoulder’s of jargon-shouting NASA engineers in tense control centres, rather disappointing for an otherwise reasonably strong film.

‘Hidden Figures’ has an inspiring plot, good performances and creative use of imagery in some scenes, however a poor ending means that this film earns eight-out-of-ten.



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