‘Jason Bourne’ (2016, 12A)

The fourth instalment in the ‘Bourne’ series, does ‘Jason Bourne’ shoot to the top or is it a film we all should forget?

After being found by an old friend and brought out of hiding, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is once again running from the CIA as they desperately chase him around the globe. But, as soon as things start to calm down, Bourne’s past catches back up on him and he must face the facts of history…

First of this is in no way a bad film. Its full of action, tension and is an overall joy to watch. However, compared to the rest of the ‘Bourne’ films? It’s maybe not so good. To start with, Bourne actually only has 45 lines of dialogue (288 words) in the entire two-hour run-time, and that tells you something – he’s hardly in it. I estimate only around fifty to sixty percent of the film is actually focused on Bourne, not very much for the namesake of the film.

Also, although the film does have some quite good action, it’s mainly at the beginning and end, leaving the middle to be filled with boring dialogue and explanation for what’s actually going on. This was a bit boring as it slowed the pace down and – to be honest – didn’t do that greater explanation.

Personally, I felt this film was a little bit unnecessary. Unlike the first three ‘Bourne’ films, ‘Jason Bourne’ wasn’t based on a book by Robert Ludlum and so the scriptwriters have obviously gone back to the previous films for inspiration. Because of this, the movie is more than just a little bit reminiscent of its predecessors and felt a bit predictable at points.

Although I’ve criticised it a lot, ‘Jason Bourne’ isn’t actually that bad. There are some great action scenes and a lot of tension, but for me it’s just doesn’t work as a ‘Bourne’ movie. Because of this, I’ll give it seven-out-of-ten for some enjoyable scenes but not such an enjoyable plot.



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