‘Central Intelligence’ (2016, 12A)

The latest Kevin Hart movie to hit theatres, is ‘Central Intelligence’ full of explosive laughs or does this spy-comedy need to be filed away and kept a secret?

Twenty years after being voted ‘most likely to succeed in life’ at the end of his High School career, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) finds himself as a mild-mannered accountant, living a life he never expected to have. But then, after an awkward reunion with an old school-mate known as Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson), Calvin finds himself in the world of international espionage, having to save the free world in the most hilarious of ways!

I didn’t really expect much of ‘Central Intelligence’ before going into the cinema; it looked to be your generic comedy – simple plot, famous actors in weak roles with the odd laugh but overall not that great. It was then a nice surprise when I realised that ‘Central Intelligence’ wasn’t actually all that bad.

First off, it definitely ticks the first box – simple plot. It is the same story you’ve seen time and time again: the glum and gloomy hero meets an adventurous ally who takes him on a journey, makes him question his morals and himself, before the nice happy ending where everyone’s friends. The difference between this film and Disney’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’, then, was the hilarious comedy throughout that you couldn’t help but giggle at.

Hart is once again on top form as Calvin Joyner, as well as Johnson, playing a C.I.A. agent in a way you wouldn’t usually expect. The stereotypical C.I.A. agent from the movies is a cold, heartless assassin whereas Johnson plays a happy, slightly camp killer who has a fondness for unicorns and hates bullies. I really liked this as it was fun and original as well as being unexpected.

Finally, the humour. With a lot of comedies the best gags are spoiled in the trailers, so that when you see the film your essentially watching an extended version of what you just watched before you came. With ‘Central Intelligence’, however, they leave the best bits for the theatre. Right from the get-go the film is packed full of laughs and humour, most of which you can’t help but chuckle at. There were a few jokes that fell flat but they were more than compensated for by the rest of the movie, its action-thriller setting making it a great comedy.

Overall, ‘Central Intelligence’ is better than I expected – it’s fast-paced, full of laughs and action, and above all enjoyable. Its plot isn’t exactly groundbreaking and is scattered with flaws and holes, meaning I’ll have to give ‘Central Intelligence’ eight-out-of-ten.



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One thought on “‘Central Intelligence’ (2016, 12A)

  1. […] That said, I did really like the character of Maui, and I felt they did well not to make the character seem too powerful and godly. Although he has superhuman abilities, Maui is not perfect — he’s arrogant, vain and irritating, however, I felt he was the best part of the film by far. Dwayne Johnson was definitely the best choice for the role, and he definitely lived up to my expectations in ‘Moana’ after his brilliant appearance in the comedy ‘Central Intelligence’ earlier this year (my review of which can be found here). […]


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