‘Interstellar’ (2014, 12A)

The latest (and greatest?) film to come from Christopher Nolan, is ‘Interstellar’ an out-of-this-world movie?

Earth is ravaged by drought and famine, causing drastic climate changes and giant dust storms to sweep across the land on a regular basis. With the extinction of the human race nigh, a hole in the space-time continuum is discovered, a black hole, and an ex-pilot-turned-corn-farmer, Cooper (Mathew McConaughey), is recruited to travel through the hole and into a distant galaxy on the other side, and to save the human race before it is too late.

First thing to say – this film is long. It’s just under three hours, but they are some of the best three hours I’ve seen. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews for this film, some congratulating its ambition but critiquing its sometimes confusing plot, however I really enjoyed it. You’d expect the movie to be slow with its long run-time, but the pacing is surprisingly fast, moving from one scene to the next and missing out as many ‘boring-bits’ as it could.

‘Interstellar’ deals with some very complex and difficult scientific theories and explains them well, even if it is explained through characters who should already know the science being taught it by others. I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of this, but personally it didn’t really bother me; in fact, it’s what kept me watching, as well as some of the best visual scenes in a movie I’ve seen to date. The blend of both practical and digital effects is really what makes’Interstellar’, giving it a realism that other sci-fi films don’t always have.

I’ve read the book of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and seen snippets of the film, and I must say ‘Interstellar’ reminded me of Arthur C. Clarke’s classic in a lot of ways. A lot of scenes seems to have an age to them and were reminiscent of older sic-fi movies, such as ‘2001’, which i really enjoyed watching. The plot of this film was outstanding as well, being both complex yet engaging, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout.

I can’t write about ‘Interstellar’ without mentioning its ending – and what an ending. Love it or hate it, the climax of the three-hour epic is surely one of the best I’ve seen, up there with the likes of ‘Inception’ (my review of which can be viewed here). It’s both complex yet simple but still leaves you astounded.

I really can’t fault ‘Interstellar’ – it’s got action, emotion, and all the ingredients I think a good film needs. Because of this, ‘Interstellar’ get’s a ten-out-of-ten from me – it’s a stellar film!



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