‘Money Monster’ (2016, 15)

The latest gritty thriller, is ‘Money Monster’ a monster of a film or has it made my ticket seem like a waste of money?

After the financial crash of the company IBIS, the financial-advice show ‘Money Monster’, hosted by Lee Gates (George Clooney), is interrupted by an angry investor, Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell), and they, along with producer Patty (Julia Roberts), must discover the cause of the loss of eight-hundred million dollars.

I was expecting this film to be good; I’m not sure why but I always seem drawn to these thriller/drama movies, especially those set around only a few characters and in a confined space. This film almost reminded me of 2015’s ‘Steve Jobs’ (my review of that movie can be read here), another brilliant drama centred around only a small amount of characters. This film, however, had a lot more tension than ‘Steve Jobs’, the constant threat of Budwell’s gun keeping me on edge the entire way through. I wasn’t at any time bored or clock-watching as the story was understandable yet interesting.

As I was watching ‘Money Monster’ I noticed something very peculiar in films now but something I really liked – it occurred in real-time. This added to the sense of realism to the film as most movies coming out now can be somewhat imaginative with their use of time. ‘Money Monster’ makes sure you realise it’s happening in real-time, too; every so often a character is reminded they have ‘ten minutes to do this’ or ‘three minutes to do that’, making it even more impressive when, three minutes later, ‘that’ is done.

There’s not much I can fault with ‘Money Monster’ – of course, the ending is somewhat predictable, however things don’t play out exactly as I had thought and there are enough twists and turns throughout to keep me on edge. There are a few comedic scenes and little quips that kept me entertained, and overall I really enjoyed the film. Because of this, I’m giving ‘Money Monster’ nine-out-of-ten – strong plot and characters making this film a definite watch!




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