‘The Wolverine’ (2013, 12A)

Set in modern-day Japan, is ‘The Wolverine’ yet another rubbish superhero film or does it deliver what some others can’t?

After saving him from the Nagasaki bombings during the Second World War, Logan (Hugh Jackman) is called to Tokyo by the mysterious Mr. Yashida (Hal Yamanouchi) to say goodbye to his old friend. But, when he arrives, Logan realises things aren’t what they seem and he has to battle his own demons as he once again becomes the Wolverine.

This film is by no stretch of the imagination amazing, however it’s not as bad as some other superhero films that have come out in recent times. The villain, Viper (played by Svetlana Khodchtenkova), was a bit weak and you did have to really concentrate in some places to understand who was who, why they were doing that, and what was actually going on. There were some good action scenes scattered throughout the film and some spectacular CGI animation, however for a superhero-blockbuster it’s not too amazing.

But, I think its unfair to class ‘The Wolverine’ as a superhero-blockbuster. Of course, the main character is a super-powered mutant and the tim has all the features of a superhero movie – action, a protagonist and villain – but ‘The Wolverine’ is something more than that. It tackles the emotions of the character and some of the events in his life that hadn’t been covered in any of the ‘X-Men’ films before. This is why I don’t particularly mind that the villain was weak as the film wasn’t about her, it was about Wolverine and focuses on his personal issues as well as those that pose a threat to the world.

Overall, there’s not much to say about ‘The Wolverine’ – its got action, a well-known and liked lead and a reasonable plot. Some parts are a bit confusing but it’s mainly clear and concise. The lack of a strong villain didn’t particularly anger me as I felt this film was more about the character and his development as opposed to him defeating some generic evil mad antagonist. Because of this, I’ll give ‘The Wolverine’ seven-out-of-ten – a reasonable spin-off, but I think I’ll stick to the main X-Men movies.



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