‘The Angry Birds Movie’ (U, 2016)

The latest animated feature film to hit cinemas, does ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ soar or is it just grounded?

Set on an island inhabited with very happy and content talking birds who live together in a tight community, save the hero of this comedy, a bird named Red (Jason Sudeikis). After ruining a child’s birthday, he is sent to anger management classes where he meets Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride) and Terrance (Sean Penn), all taught about relaxation and controlling their anger by Matilda (Maya Rudolph). Meanwhile, a ship comes to the island sailed by pigs from a distant land, claiming to be trying to improve the lives of the birds. But are the pigs as good as they seem?

I didn’t go into the cinema expecting much of this film, but this was far worse than anything I could imagine. I’ll get the very few good bits out-of-the-way first – I occasionally laughed. There are a few little quips and references that got me to chuckle slightly, but that took up about ten seconds of the ninety-minute run-time.

Now on to the majority of the review – what was rubbish. I knew this wasn’t some Pixar masterpiece with beautiful animation and an amazing plot, but I would’ve liked at least some story. I’ve expressed my views on films based on games before in a ‘My Thoughts On’ post (that post can be viewed here) and this film was exactly what I thought it’d be – only far more extreme. Essentially, it’s a series of slapstick supposedly comedic moments stitched together with as many references to the game and other films as possible crammed in too. This resulted in me staring at my watch for most of the time, waiting for the film to end, and then thinking to myself about what the Hell I’d just seen.

How this film got away with a ‘U’ rating I will never know. The explosions and tense and scary scenes were enough to make in PG, let alone some of the humour included in the script. I was cringing at some of the dialogue, especially towards the end of the film, and I was praying for the credits to role. Then, as they did and I began to file out of the screen, the credits stop and there’s a post-credits scene. The ninety-minutes or so that I’d just watched had dragged, and so I stayed for the next thirty seconds to see if this one little scene could redeem the film. Spoilers – it doesn’t.

Overall, ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ is total rubbish. There is the occasional laugh, but a poor plot, dialogue and an overwhelming sense of ‘what is going on’ throughout the movie means I will have to give it only three-out-of-ten.



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