‘Iron Man’ (2008, 12A)

The first film in the now famous Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Iron Man’ is the first action-adventure film about the Armoured Avenger.

‘Iron Man’ follows the story of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), a billionaire playboy philanthropist weapons developer and head of Stark Industries. Then, when travelling to a weapons demonstration in Afghanistan, he’s ambushed by terrorists and one of his own missiles explodes next to him, causing shrapnel to enter his body near his heart putting him in a life-threatening situation. From there he develops a device to prevent the shrapnel from getting to his heart called an arc reactor and realises he can use that technology to escape from the terrorists who had caught him. From there, he develops the first Iron Man armour before returning home to don the famous red-and-gold armour and fight crime.

I really like this film, its one of my favourites in the superhero genre. It gives a clear, understandable origin for the character and Downey portrays the character of Stark really well. Unlike some other superhero origin films with confusing and not particularly interesting plots (my review of ‘Man Of Steel’ can be viewed here), ‘Iron Man’ is gripping with some good action scenes and characters. Tony Stark is definitely the best character in this film, he’s a funny, likeable protagonist who’s not deadly serious like some other superheroes such as Batman (my review of ‘Batman Begins’ can be viewed here).

This film is really quite good and I can’t find anything to fault it with. There are probably some plot-holes in the story and scenes which aren’t as spectacular as they could be, but I honestly didn’t notice. This is definitely the best instalment of the ‘Iron Man’ trilogy and a film I absolutely love.

Overall, ‘Iron Man’ is a really enjoyable action-adventure film with lots of spectacle and humour, making it one of the best superhero films to date. For this, I’m giving it ten-out-of-ten, great film and a brilliant beginning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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