‘The Flash’ Season 1 (2014-2015, 12A)

Based on the original comic-books from DC Comics, ‘The Flash’ is the critically acclaimed superhero TV Show from America that has comic-book fans and casual viewers alike engrossed.

After being struck by lightning and exposed to the radiation of a particle accelerator exploding, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) gains the power of super-speed and becomes – with the help of his friends at S.T.A.R Labs – the crime-fighting hero known as the Flash. After his mother was killed by a yellow-speedster when he was young and his father (John Wesley-Shipp) is blamed for her death, Barry seeks revenge and tries to hunt down the so-called Reverse Flash while battling the other evil ‘meta-humans’ who have developed since the particle-accelerator exploded.

The first few episodes of the series were quite boring and repetitive, and I found myself liking it to Adam Blade’s ‘Beast Quest’ books: the hero, Tom, is given a different monster in every book which he has to defeat to win a certain thing back or collect a certain item. You always know that he’s going to win and the books just aren’t as enjoyable as they should be. The first six or seven episodes of ‘The Flash’ are like this as well – Barry is given an opponent, there are a few action scenes, and then the villain is locked up in S.T.A.R Labs where he-or-she can’t hurt anyone else.

However, from about midway through the series and onwards, the story really picks up as the hunt for the Reverse-Flash starts to end as the people at S.T.A.R Labs begin to work out who Barry’s mother’s killer is. Also the concept of time-travel is introduced, something I’ve never seen in a superhero film, let alone TV Show! This really made the series better as it made the story a lot more complex and interesting and, although it does throw up a few plot-holes, makes watching the show a lot more engrossing.

Also, the chemistry between the main characters of the series and the light-hearted side of the show makes it all the more entertaining. Some of the best-scenes are when the characters are enjoying some down-time, however my personal favourite is the climatic end to the series where Barry and his friends discover the truth about the Reverse-Flash and why he killed his mother on that fateful night.

Overall, ‘The Flash’ is a great TV Series I’d definitely recommend watching. The story is good and every episode links, however the occasional plot-holes and repetitive first few episodes mean I’ll have to give the first season of ‘The Flash’ eight-out-of-ten.




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