‘Inception’ (2010, 12A)

Directed and written by the same person as ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ (my review of those films can be viewed here),  ‘Inception’ is a brilliant film about Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team who are what the film calls ‘extractors’. They steal secrets from people by invading their minds through dreams and controlling the landscapes around them.

The film opens with Cobb and his partner, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), invading someone’s mind through a dream and the beginning of this film is really to set the scene and how the extractors work. They are offered a job to complete something called ‘inception’, a way to plant an idea in someone’s mind rather than steal it. The second act of the film is Cobb and Arthur forming their team of six to get into the head of Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) and plant an idea to dissolve his father’s company, a competitor to their employer, Saito (Ken Watanabe), who acts at the funder for their mission. The third act of the film is the spectacular ending with the team of extractors crossing through into four different ‘levels’ of Fischer’s consciousness to plant the idea and to complete the mission.

The story of Dom Cobb in this film is amazing and the audience’s knowledge of the character evolves at the film goes on. His past is complex and dark and has the viewer gripped. He’s motivated to complete the job as he is offered the chance to see his children again and live with them if he plants the idea own Fischer’s mind. Tortured by the pain of the loss of his late wife, Mal (Marion Cotillard), his own mind is dark and twisted and the dream sequence inside his head proves the struggle he is going through. The story of this character is brilliantly written and his portrayal in the film is excellent, and his story links with the overall plot well to make an amazing movie.

Throughout ‘Inception’, the audience is given questions as to how and why things happen and how this connects to this and how this links to that, but one question remains unanswered: was it all a dream? Throughout the film, Cobb uses his ‘totem’ to check if he is in a dream or in reality at that stage – a small spinning top, which will topple if in reality, and eternally spin if in a dream. In the final few seconds of the film, Cobb spins his top and it continues spinning for a few moments, but before the audience can see if the spinning-top falls, the film cuts to black and finishes, with the audience left wondering if the whole thing was a dream, and that the events of the film never really happened.

With some familiar faces from other Nolan films (notably ‘The Dark Knight Rises’), ‘Inception’ is a brilliant film which I cannot fault. The story is thrilling, the characters are great, and the idea of dreaming within dreams to steal information from other people is completely gripping. For this, ” will give ‘Inception’ ten-out-of-ten for its impeccable plot and characters.



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