‘Man Of Steel’ (2013, 12A)

Directed by Zack Snyder, ‘Man Of Steel’ is the first film in the new, DC Film Universe and the prequel to the upcoming ‘Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ film being released in March 2016.

The film follows the story of Kal-El, a child born on the planet of Krypton who is sent to Earth after the planet explodes. He is adopted by the Kent family and given the name Clark and tries to live as any other normal human being on Earth, not knowing of his alien past. He discovers, however, that because Earth orbits a different star to Krypton, he has super-human abilities and the first part of the film is set as a series of flashbacks as Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) thinks back to his life as a child and how he coped with his new-found strengths.

I must say, ‘Man Of Steel’ is definitely not one of my favourite comic-book superhero films. Unlike the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy (my reviews of those films can be viewed here) or the new Marvel Studios films, this Superman reboot didn’t have me as engaged as I would’ve liked to be. Superman just seems happy with his powers and doesn’t question them or his suit which is given to him by his dead father (who appears in a ver poorly explained way) and a lot of things are left blank. The first twenty-minutes or so of the film where taken up on Krypton, as well, which was boring and made the film less effective.

There weren’t many action sequences in the film either, and the only real one of note was the final battle at the end between Zod and Superman. The film is also littered with problems in the plot such as Superman demonstrating superhuman feats of strength without anyone noticing and people magically teleporting from one side of a city to another within a matter of seconds. These things make the film even worse and the already weak story becomes even worse.

I can’t really say much good about this film, except for the fact that its visually pleasing with spectacular CGI and animation. But with a weak and confusing plot, this film deserves no more than five-out-of-ten.



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