‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012, 12A)

The final instalment in The Dark Knight trilogy, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is the brilliant conclusion to an amazing series of films. Although not quite as good as 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’ (my review of which can be viewed here), this film is still an outstanding story about Gotham’s caped-crusader.

After taking the blame for Harvey Dent’s crimes at the end of the last film, Batman has disappeared from Gotham and the city has become a place of peace and calm. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has become a recluse, living in the wings of Wayne Manor for the past eight years. But then, as a new threat comes to Gotham, he has to once again don the Batman suit and fight the ruthless mercenary Bane (played by Tom Hardy).

Bane’s plot is elaborate and  his entire story links back to the first film, ‘Batman Begins’, (my review of which can be viewed here). Although not quite Heath Ledger’s Joker, Bane is an interesting villain who’s scenes are entertaining to watch but I found he lacked the psychotic nature that made the Joker one of the best superhero-villains I think ever portrayed on screen. Bane, however, is by far the most powerful  and formidable villain Batman has had to defeat in The Dark Knight trilogy and entertaining to watch.

There are a few things which let this film down, though: the holes in the plot which are simply to big to ignore and the lack of Batman action scenes being the main ones. Although with the last film I said that there was perhaps “too much Batman”, but with this film there definitely wasn’t enough. A lot of the 2hr-44mins run-time is taken up with scenes of Bruce Wayne in prison or as a hermit living in Wayne Manor. And then there are the unmissable leaps in logic such as Bruce Wayne managing to travel from the remote Middle East into a city cut off from the outside world with seemingly no means of transport in what seems to be a matter of days, or the fact that midday sunlight turns to moonlight within a matter of minutes, as if to Batman’s request.

It’s little gripes like this with the film which make ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ not quite as good as its predecessors, and for this I’ll have to give it eight-out-of-ten, a strong movie with just a few too many plot holes and too little Batman for me.



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