‘The Dark Knight’ (2008, 12A)

Starring Heath Ledger as the Joker and Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, ‘The Dark Knight’ is a brilliant sequel to 2005’s ‘Batman Begins’ (my review of which can be viewed here). After foiling the evil plot of Ra’s al Ghul and saving Gotham, Batman has become a local celebrity and is once again needed to stop a new threat to the city – the Joker – who’s elaborate plots have Batman and the police, led by their new D.A. Harvey Dent (Eckhart), eager to make Gotham a safe place again after the corruption of the city by the Falconi mob.

In my opinion, Ledger steals the show as the psychotic, clown-faced terrorist with his amazing monologues and theatrics. Perhaps one of my favourite scenes in the whole film is that of the Joker’s interrogation, as both Ledger’s and Christian Bale’s (Bruce Wayne/Bamtan) performances are amazing, and the crazy character of the Joker comes across as he seems to enjoy Batman’s angry outburst of rage at him and relish it. I think any scene, however, with the Joker in it in this film are the best, and ‘The Dark Knight’ is worth watching just for Ledger’s performance.

I enjoyed the plot in this film and found it interesting and engaging, but not so complicated that you finished watching it confused. It’s gritty, dark portrayal of Batman and his villains are what makes this film and the rest of the trilogy so brilliant as well as the non-stop action and drama. I can’t really fault anything with this film, there’s probably some plot-holes somewhere in the story, but to be honest your so focused on the action and performances of the cast that you don’t have time to notice any errors in the logic of the film.

If I had to pick a fault, it’d be that there was too much Batman. This isn’t really a criticism, but sometimes I think it’d be good if the plot focused a bit more on Bruce Wayne rather than his crime-fighting alter-ego, if only to let the audience’s mind rest from the dark hero and we learnt a bit more about the billionaire industrialist and the rest of his life.

However, I don’t think this takes away from the overall appeal of the film and I am still going to give ‘The Dark Knight’ ten-out-of-ten for featuring one of the greatest acting performances ever and a strong plot and dark yet exciting ending.



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