‘Sherlock’ Series 1-3 (2010-2014, 12)

BBC’s Sherlock is a fabulous reboot of the classic Victorian detective. The story follows Sherlock Holmes, a ‘consulting detective’ living in modern London who solves the cases that Scotland Yard can’t. Currently there are three series of Sherlock – each containing three episodes – with one full length Christmas special and a fourth series to come in 2016.

Sherlock Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is a sociopath with an addiction to solving crimes and a mind sharper than any other. With his friend John Watson (Martin Freeman), he solve crimes and cases around London. The story’s are complex and fascinating, each episode leading onto the next, the viewer having to really concentrate to understand everything. Sherlock’s arrogant and distant personality makes he programme even better and the part couldn’t be played by anyone but Cumberbatch.

The first series follows Sherlock and John meeting and their first few cases together, as well as the discovery of Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott), Sherlock’s enemy. The second is about Sherlock’s battle with Moriarty and his downfall against the power of Moriarty’s infinite crime ring. The third is about Sherlock’s life after Moriarty and how his and John’s life go on and they start to split apart, although still fighting crime and solving cases together.

There is not one episode of Sherlock that I find boring and even after watching endless reruns of the episodes, I find them entertaining and the stories brilliant. The writers – Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss – are brilliant at their job and some episodes being so complex that I found myself having to watch them over again, just to fully understand the story and what goes on.

Faults? As far as I can see, there are none. ‘Sherlock’ is a brilliant piece of Television that anyone looking for a good drama should get into. The acting is good, the stories are great, and the theme song is one of the best I have heard. All told, Sherlock get’s a ten-out-of-ten from me for its fabulous plots and writing.



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