‘Now You See Me’ (2013, 12A)

‘Now You See Me’ is an excellent heist-thriller film about a group of magicians who rob a bank from the other side of the world and accomplish other daring, criminal acts using their powers of illusion and misdirection.

The film is one of my all-time favourites -and I’d recommend it to anyone for a few reasons, most notably being the unexpected twists in the plot throughout the film. You’re never bored when watching it and you never know what’s going to happen next. I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout the film, waiting to see what happened next. The film is mainly about four magicians called the Four Horsemen who rob a bank in France during one of their live shows in Las Vegas, before performing two other daring stunts as the film progresses. They are opposed by FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and his team as well as Interpol agent Alma Dray (Mélanie Laurent), looking to convict the magicians but without sufficient evidence to do so.

The final scenes of the film are by far the best as the many tricks are explained by Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) and a twist in the plot leaves the audience stunned. The film explores the use of misdirection and illusion in magic, most of the crimes revealed just to be simple tricks scaled up.

Personally I could find no fault with this film, however some people have criticised ‘Now You See Me’ for its “scattershot plot and ending”, although I find the unpredictable, complex plot enjoyable and the twist at the end makes it even better. That said, the lack of explanation in some scenes can make the story confusing and you really need to watch this film a few times to fully understand it. However, I think that makes this film even better, as overtime you see it you see something else and makes you enjoy it more.

For me, ‘Now You See Me’ is a brilliant, faultless film which I’d recommend to anyone I meet. Because of this, I will give ‘Now You See Me’ ten-out-of-ten, and I hope you would too.


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