‘Batman Begins’ (2005, 12A)

The first in the The Dark Knight trilogy, ‘Batman Begins’ is the story of billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) as he becomes Batman, a vigilante with a war on crime in the city of Gotham.

The film’s beginning can be a bit confusing as it is mainly a lot of flashbacks and flashbacks within flashbacks which can sometimes make the story confusing, however after the first quarter or so the story becomes linear and clear. It tells the story of a young Bruce Wayne’s parents getting killed before his eyes and the guilt he feels for his parents’ death as he grows up under the protection and guidance of his family’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine). He then travels across the world to train in Martial Arts and other skills needed to make him a one-man war on the crime of the now corrupt city of Gotham. Corrupt and under the control of the Falconi mob, Gotham is a hive of crime that Wayne tries to stop as Batman, inspired by his childhood fear.

This gritty reboot of the classic hero is brilliant and visually the film is spectacular. Batman’s aggressive and violent nature makes for some amazing fight scenes and the modern take on the classic Batmobile – the Tumbler – shows how the hero has progressed from the jolly, comedic hero of children’s TV to a hardcore, angry vigilante of the big screen. This film had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through with its fast pacing and entertaining plot.

Apart from Christian Bale’s voice as Batman, there isn’t much to fault with ‘Batman Begins’. However, I thought the villains were a bit underdeveloped and could’ve had bit more screen time and been a bit more of a threat to Batman. Most of this film was about Bruce Wayne gaining his abilities and becoming Batman, and for me the villains of the film seemed a bit like an after-thought in the script, in there only because they had to be. Despite this, I still think the story is amazing (although there are a few plot holes through – see if you can spot them!) and that this film is well worth a watch.

Overall, ‘Batman Begins’ is an excellent origin story for the modern Batman and a good beginning to the The Dark Knight trilogy. However, a few plot holes and under-developed villains means I will have to give the film an eight-out-of-ten, but I still think it’s well-worth a watch for fans of Batman or just casual movie-goers.



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4 thoughts on “‘Batman Begins’ (2005, 12A)

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